Apply to join St Mary's Electoral Roll


The electoral roll acts as a membership list for churchgoers in the parish and provides entitlement to vote at the Annual Parochial Council Meeting, (APCM). It gives you the opportunity to shape our future by taking part in the decisions. 

You are entitled to be on the roll if you are baptised, are over 16 years of age and either live in the parish or worship regularly at St Mary’s. If your name is not on the list and you are eligible to join, we encourage you to apply.  

The parish Electoral Roll will be revised and updated two weeks before the APCM, which is held each May. The next closing date is 28 April 2024.

If you are not registered, please apply here.

If your name is already on the roll no further action is needed.

If you know of anyone who has recently joined St Mary’s and may wish their names to be added to the roll, please let me know.

Hazel Abbott, Electoral Roll Officer

Email -