Our Bell ringers

All can ring!

St Mary’s welcomes new and experienced ringers of any faith or none. Ringing takes little strength or agility, though you must be able to stretch your arms above your head. We ring standing on the ground floor; there are no stairs to climb. Ringers of both sexes and aged 9 to 80-plus ring at St Mary’s. For more information, please email us at bells@stmarysmerton.org.uk.

Ringing the changes

Beginners can learn in a few weeks enough to join in ringing for Sunday services. Our beginners go on to learn the ancient and uniquely British art of change ringing – that is, ringing in patterns devised over the last 350 years. One describes it as “the most co-operative and absorbing team sport I’ve ever experienced – I have to watch, listen, count and move all at once. It would be daunting if the rest of the band weren’t so friendly and encouraging”. For more about change ringing, see our Bells page

Ring a 15th century bell

Our six bells range in date from 1450 to 1970. The tenor weighs 7 hundredweight. For more about the bells, see our Bells page. Visitors are welcome. Our practice night is Monday from 7.45 to 9.15pm.

We normally ring on Sundays:
    • from 9 to 9.30 am for the Sung Eucharist (or from 9.30 on days when the service starts at 10am)

    • from 6 to 6.30pm for Evensong.

For more about ringing at other local churches, see the Surrey Association website.


We ring (by arrangement) for weddings and other special services.