Flowers at St Mary's

The flower arrangers are a group of behind the scenes volunteers who provide a very visible input to the beauty of the church .

Flowers play a central role in many celebrations, St. Mary’s is a popular church for weddings and the flower team delight in adding  to these joyous occasions by decorating the church and the outside porch. We usually use white and cream flowers as these are bridal and look particularly beautiful in our ancient church. However, we are happy to include specific flowers or colours in the arrangements where we can, if the couple have a special request. 

For full details of the four flower arrangement options available, including photos of the range of flower displays we offer, please download our guide Flowers at St Mary's (pdf).

The options are also summarised below:

Option A
Standard wedding arrangements which include 2 pedestals (one under the pulpit and one in The Lady Chapel), a swag over the lectern, and displays on the 2 ledges of the ancient north porch where the bride, groom and guests enter. The fee for this is £150.

Option B :
The standard arangements plus 2 long stand arrangments placed at either side of the top of the central aisle. The fee for this is an additional £100 bringing the total to £250.

Option C
The standard arrangements with additional arrangements over the North porch. The fee for this is an additional £100 bringing the total to £250.
Option D
The standard arrangments (Option A) plus options B and C. The fee for this is a total of £350.
In addition to the regular weekly arrangements the teams are often asked to provide a special arrangement to mark an anniversary of the death of a loved one or a special wedding anniversary which they are pleased to do for a fee of £40.

Over the years the teams have also organised flower festivals in the church to mark a significant royal anniversary or local historical events.
For futher information please email